Training & Support

For 9 years Alkeiya has worked as a Registered Music Therapist with people who are challenged by the process of ageing. Before this she was a music teacher & community arts facilitator.

As a Music Therapist, Teacher and Teaching Artist Alkeiya offers support to individuals and organisations in a number of formats from the sharing of information to the teaching of skills and the encouragement of active involvement.

From this experience she offers:

  • music-making contracts with aged care facilities & community organisations that aim to support the use of music as a tool to wellbeing
  • training sessions with aged care communities to facilitate the use of music
  • her documentary Beyond The Music, with a study guide
  • contracts as a teaching artist, to support them in the use of the creative arts and music in learning.
  • presentations to government, community and business organisations about the benefits of music
  • access to programs that improve sight and hearing

As we choose we create our world. Choosing happiness where…

"Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it." – Bernard Meltzer.

What comes around goes around, creative living becoming the norm.

percussion instrument music making
Music Making

From actively listening to making music, individually and together, using ears, voice, bodies… as a creative music therapist, music teacher, TaKeTiNa Trainee Teacher and performer in Lemon Ginger Trio

Community Music in Hobart and the surrounding area

'Lemon Ginger Trio' interactive fun acoustic music that invites the audience to participate.

Aged Care Contracts

In aged care of a duration negotiated between you and Alkeiya:


  • Three hours music therapy in a community organisation or aged care facility, once a week. This including several group sessions and individual sessions plus support to the facility to use music for the well-being of members of the community.
  • An hour music therapy session 3 times a week at the end of the day – recommended for people living with advanced dementia.
Presentations at Community gatherings and conferences

With part or all of her film and / or group music sessions [film pic]


In aged care and other community groups.

Training can include: the film, music making and guidance on successful approaches for dealing with the everyday living problems of challenged people. The training is also a forum for trainees to learn from each other.

Contracts in Education

With schools and other educational institutions

Alkeiya can help to bring more music into your organisation with single or group music sessions designed to meet your needs and with training sessions that assist staff to make music for well-being sustainable in your community.


That assist our perception and general well-being

Sound Therapy International As a Sound Therapy consultant in Hobart Tasmania, Alkeiya has experience of sound therapy helping not only hearing problems but also difficulties with cognition, creativity and thinking strategies.

Better eyesight without glasses, the Janet Goodrich Method.

Cormorants taking off