Enriched with Music

Ukelele group

A group of women play the ukulele ahead of the world record attempt in Cairns, Australia.

Every aspect of our lives from conception to when we take our last breath is enriched with music.

“Long live the 'Singing that is a celebration of life, that consoles us, soothes our soul and generates hope”
– Nicholas Kawinga, African singer

Music in Communities - A Network

Music Play for Life


TaKeTiNa is a holistic group learning process and a profoundly new way of experiencing and understanding rhythm. It was developed by world renowned Austrian composer and master percussionist Reinhard Flatischler.

In TaKeTiNa, music, movement, communication, neurological research and chaos theory are integrated to create a new process for learning and transformation.

TakeTiNa circle

Learning with the TaKeTiNa process develops inner presence, creativity and musicality and opens an awareness of our individual patterns which inhibit our lives and relationships.

TaKeTiNa leads participants to their innate rhythmic knowledge and connects them to the forgotten power of rhythm in nature and within. TaKeTiNa is deeply relaxing and meditative. It requires no musical experience and invites participants to go at their own pace.

Here is a recent short documentary about TaKeTiNa, filmed in Australia:
White Sand Beach Lake Peddar