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Joel enjoyed singing very much. He liked singing balibo Conga Mazame. He loved playing the wooden frog! He felt happy when Alkeiya came into our room.

We hear music from our conception as we are held by the heart beat of our mother, the sounds of her body, her voice, the world outside. This is a 'home' that we return to, that gives us peace, that is a key to our learning.
It is my belief that all children are able to experience the joy of making music and that this is a stepping stone to their learning about themselves and their world.

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There is a Zimbabwean

“If you can talk, you can sing…
If you can walk, you can dance!!”

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“If you can sing, you can 'talk'…
If you can dance, you can 'walk'”

…where talk is a metaphor for communicating & walk a metaphor for navigating life.
In the doing there is much joy, learning, & openings to the experience & understanding of life.

Achievement, confidence and self esteem

Evaluations of the use of music & the arts in primary schools by Songroom, showed over 80% increased classroom participation, student engagement, co-operation & teamwork, confidence & self-esteem.
In a recent study, ‘Bridging the Gap in School Achievement Through the Arts’, Songroom “demonstrated that arts education not only has intrinsic value, but when implemented with a structured, innovative & long-term approach, it can also provide essential extrinsic benefits, such as improved school attendance, academic achievement”

“I would teach children music, physics & philosophy, for in the patterns of music & all the arts are the keys to learning…” – Plato, Philosopher

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