Music in the Community

Music in the Community

In the Community

Using music as a tool for the wellness of not only challenged people in our community but for happy, nourished individuals and an inspired community. see more.

Music with Children

Phoebe loved the song 'Ole Ole Mama'. She enjoyed playing lots of instruments.

Music in Learning

My work with children has grown over the years. Integrating music in children's lives stimulates learning and intuition. It teaches listening and lateral thinking skills. see more.

My Work with Music - the Elderly

In Aged Care

Long live the "Singing that is a celebration of life, that consoles us, soothes our soul, and generates hope". see more.

sheet music

Songs Resource

This resource names some of Alkeiya's favourite songs for singing with children, with elders and in community music-making.

The internet, through youtube and search engines, is also a great resource. On this page a range of useful websites are listed. see more.