Creative Possibilities

“Creativity can bring a lot of joy into our lives… if we let it. As we go through the daily motions: …Wake up. Go to work. Run errands. Come home. Have dinner. Watch TV. Go to bed. Rise. Repeat.”, our favourite activities can be left behind.

Through the arts, through interactions with others or in the activities of our daily lives, creativity can unlock the rigidity of these motions, bringing a sense of satisfaction and well-being.


Alkeiya facilitated the making of community quilts – this is her favorite:

Bird quilt

Centre of Bird Quilt

Bird quilt

Bird Quilt in shops

Fish quilt

Fish Quilt


A concrete floor became a alive …many pictures created by different people …a group creation.

Alkeiya's mozaic Alkeiya's mozaic Echidna Alkeiya's mozaic platypus

Performers of playback theatre – an improvised form of theatre that plays back audiences stories. …Theatre that is a collaboration of players and audience.

Playback Theatre Canberra

Playback Theatre Canberra

Melbourne Playback Theatre

Melbourne Playback Theatre



‘Work & play are words to describe the same thing under differing circumstance’ – Mark Twain

10 Fun Ways to Spark Your Creativity and Joy.

Gardening, mechanics, writing, cooking, film making and living.

Field of Play

Field of Play

The Field of Play is a model of the creative process as inspired by the work of Carolyn Kenny, a Canadian Music Therapist. By considering this “Field of Play” it is possible to become more aware of the elements involved.

Ritual, State of Consciousness, Empowerment and Creativity are all elements of the process in a 'Field of Play', the product of which is the Aesthetic – the beauty, in the doing, of the connection of self and others in the space.

In the Field of Play, the creative process is the product.

An understanding of the existence of each of these four elements, gives a deeper appreciation of the Aesthetic, of what is created. This also helps the facilitation of further creativity whether in therapy, teaching or the community.

  • Ritual: patterns of time, place, participants, materials used eg with music songs,instruments,
  • State of consciousness: of everyone involved especially oneself
  • Empowerment: is in the doing, the decision to take part
  • Creativity: an unfolding process as all four elements interact.

Discussion of Carolyn Kenny's Field of Play.

Article about Carolyn Kenny

"the beauty, in the doing, of the connection of self & others in the space."