About Alkeiya


As a teacher, musician, playback theatre performer, music therapist , community arts facilitator and a teaching artist, I have embraced the concepts of ‘work as play and play as work’.

At a young age I discovered my love of ‘creating’ and in difficult times, have found peace, joy and have been empowered in the action of creating, whether through dance, making-music, quilting, mosaic-construction instrument-making or writing.

While my family of 4 were growing up I ran music groups and taught piano at home, at crèches and at the local primary school. I also played with a rhythm and blues band, co-facilitated a-capella groups, performed in playback theatre as an actor and a musician, co-coordinated the making of community quilts, and organized talent quests at community events.

I am passionate about wellness through creative arts: music, drama, quilt and mozaic making and TaKeTiNa. In recent years this has included working in schools as a Teaching-Artist with Songroom.

For the past 9 years I have worked as a Registered Music Therapist with people who are challenged by the process of ageing.

As a Registered Music Therapist and Teacher and Teaching-Artist , I offer community organisations, aged care facilities and schools, workshops and courses that support creative activities.

Lake Paddar