A Gift from Madonna

Well dear friends it’s that time of year,
When Christmas bombards our pretty pink ears
And blue eyes, brown noses, purple tongues and mottled flesh
We need approach year-end with hopes afresh

What did we think of 2012?
How many dreams were we forced to shelve?
Or on the other hand … fulfill?
If you don’t do them soon do you think you will?

We were threatened with Mayan oblivion
I just relaxed and put my skivvy on
It was a lot cooler than predicted
And a lot less pain was life-inflicted

I suppose that’s because as you get older
You realize you need to get out the solder
To mend the things that with time got broken
And link the words as yet unspoken

The solder needs heat to be effective
So the welding arc applies heat selective
The arc emanates bright light blinding
And the heat does the work of many-things-binding

Does your life have the strength to weather
the heat-process that brings things together?
Did 2012 bring you the soul transformation?
That brings together people and whole nations?

Cos despite the coolness above-mentioned
The heat is on and the steel lines tensioned
To create a new world both inner and outer
(So please place your bets with your nearest touter.)

Chances are that 2013
will bring a whole range of things as-yet-unseen
But still we can help co-create, given the chances/opportunities rife
We (some of us) have been given for a glorious life

I hope that this year for you has been good
And that 2013 will unfold as it should
I’m not that much into this Christmas thing
But if I was I think I’d say one thing

I say to myself when I’m in deep reflection
The way to deal with most forms of rejection
Is to meet it with kindness and gentleness too
If I say it to me I can say it to you

Happy end-of-2012 and all the best for 2013

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Music & The Brain—TED talk by Surgeon & Musician

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I have been talking/thinking/dreaming about this for a while!
All your suggestions, comments, ideas are very welcome!

check out this TED talk on Improvisation & the brain by Charles Limb a brain surgeon & a musician.—-about artistic creativity as a neurologic process