Alkeiya's film – Beyond the Music

Beyond the Music DVD cover

The seed for Beyond The Music was planted in 2006 when interest was shown in video footage prepared by Alkeiya showing some of the benefits of music for people who are living with dementia. Six years later, after negotiating many hoops including handling the sensitivity of the circumstances of a secure dementia wing, this documentary resulted.

The film looks at the lives of residents from Jindalee Aged care facility in Canberra, ACT as they take part in music-making.

One hope from the making of this film is that the we as a community will step in to the ‘critical mass’ of realisation about the benefits of music and other creative activities for people who are living daily with dementia. Then embrace more creativity in our lives, supporting others with action at all levels from personal, to family, to community, to government.

Beyond the Music Movie Trailer

As well as demystifying the condition of dementia through the lives and stories of residents of the Jindalee Aged Care Facility, this film shows some of the benefits that result from a music therapist setting in place a ritual of music-making.

Beyond the Music is available in Australia & New Zealand through Video Educational Australia.

Beyond the Music is available in the USA & Canada through Terra Novis Films.

Fred's Poem

Fred throws me a power full of sound
It's alive with his strength & frustration
Then he is off
Scatting as I marvel at his melody
His grin from ear to ear
His cheeky release
As another power-ball flies free and meets the song
He sits calmly again (go to a Youtube video of Fred)

Maureen smiles
Maureen appears in the film 'Beyond the Music'

Maureen's eyes fill with light as she smiles
Her being is music
She comes out of her isolation into melody
Into Ireland and dance
She moves with the rhythm
A huge smile drawing us to her heart (go to a Youtube video of Maureen)

Barbara and Alkeiya
Barbara appears in 'Beyond the Music'

Barbara on the way to her abode
Agitated water calming with the sounds
Of music, music that is just as important as God
Thank you very much
So why are people singing these old songs over and over anyway
Ah – so beautiful – thank you for coming. (go to a Youtube video of Barbara)